Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday Show and Tell

A "show and tell" of this weekend seems appropriate for the Monday Show and Tell. The gang had a super time in the Berkshires. It was great to go to the mountains, eat good food, relax, attend a conference, think, and see lots of contemporary art--and not all photography! It was truly an eye-opening experience for Cowboy Steve, as you can see below from the below image selection.

From top to bottom, we have the upside down trees at the entrance to MassMoca, video art on display, and the truly amazing rice installation. On Sunday when Bruce gave a photoshop talk at Digital Days, Steve also hung out with a famous photographer by the initials of HH, who just also happens to like country music. Can you guess? Check out the new pics for the Cowboy Collaborative Assignment #2 by visiting the CC Flickr page.

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