Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Critical Mass

I feel fortunate to have participated in Photolucida's amazing juried photo opportunity -- Critical Mass -- as a juror from the very beginning. In its first year, 2004, we rated over 600 entries. In subsequent years, the organization instituted a pre-screening jury to make the experience more manageable (culling it down to about 150-175 photographers). This year, I am delighted to be a part of an illustrious panel of pre-screeners. You can see the complete list of the 195 jurors (and counting) right here. Submissions are being accepted now through July 25th!

If you are a photographer, I can't recommend Critical Mass enough. Think about it: this is easier
and cheaper than sending packets to all of these people and organizations! In fact, I've found several folks for exhibitions through it (2009's book award winner Priya Kambli among them). In addition, it's a very effective memory jogger and a great conversation starter -- once we see your work again, bam! instant recognition. I've especially found this to be a wonderful lead in to in-person reviews. I also use and consult the galleries and cds of previous years often.

It is fascinating to see how the entries each year are slightly different (you can browse the top 50 from various years here and just like all of the jurors, all photographers get a cd of the work of all of the finalists' submitted work as well as the winning books). I look forward to witnessing what ideas, aesthetics, issues, and the like bubble up! Good luck to all!

The details from Photolucida: The entry fee is only $75 for 10 images and the chance to have that work in front of more than 200 top photography curators, collectors, editors, gallerists, and publicists (if you are selected for the top 175, you pay an additional $200). This year’s awards list have expanded and diversified to include:

* At least one Book Award
* Five free slots to the Photolucida 2011 Reviews
* One solo show hosted by Blue Sky
* Critical Mass Top 50 Exhibit held at Newspace Center for Photography
* Three complimentary VisualServer websites and portfolios on photo-eye’s
* Photographer’s Showcase for one year