Thursday, March 1, 2007

Sleep Stock

What a week! I am exhausted after our weekend in Western Mass. Work proved just as busy with no end in sight until the end of March. This week, among other things, I participated in a curriculum review for the new digital photography program at the New England Institute of Art (bright and early) and the same day we hosted Lauren Greenfield and had a very late dinner. The intense week keeps going...I teach tomorrow and my guests, Christina Micek and Henry Horenstein, will talk about stock, picture research, and publishing. Then, it's off to the gallery openings.

Thus, fondly remembering how fun and quick my "sick stock" post was, I now present "sleep stock." Note that "sleep" and "sleepy" are different as search terms. I can't wait to sleep in on Saturday!

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Jennifer said...

and some salt prints from collodion negatives...
(more images are available on her gallery's website but it uses Flash so I couldn't link to it)