Thursday, February 22, 2007

Berkshires, History, and Rice

Instead of going to the NYC artfairs, we're heading west to the mountains, the Berkshires that is. Why? We need a little time in the woods. The Clark Art Institute is hosting a symposium in conjunction with MassMoca's exhibition, Ahistoric Occasion: The Uses of History in Contemporary Art. (It's also a perfect topic given Bruce's interests and his new series, Markers: History.) I am very excited to hear and meet all of the artists and speakers, but especially Greta Pratt, whose Nineteen Lincolns is pictured below (hmm, I guess it IS President's week) and who will be showing this spring at Bernard Toale Gallery in Boston. We'll be staying at a wonderful inn in North Adams. I always feel so relaxed when we go there. Maybe it's the trees, the fireplace, and the 3 hour drive?

Also at MassMoca is a performance/installation piece that is closing this weekend, Of All the People in All the World, which I am excited to see. This piece uses tons of rice -- 875 million grains to be exact, the number of people in the world (oops, my faux, just those in North, South, and Central America)-- that are continually being rearranged to represent various statistics and a variety of issues. There was a great piece in the Boston Globe just this week on it. While we are there, we'll also hit 3 other photo exhibitions at the Clark and Williams College Museum of Art, which range from ruins in photography, to Crewdson and Hopper, to photography and poetry. Here's to a full weekend filled to the brim with art...

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Jennifer said...

I hope no one actually had to count out those grains of rice. Maybe they just estimated by weight. Sounds like a great weekend. I look forward to seeing your photos! -jcl

ps...I picked up Fast, Cheap... at the library tonight.

LKB said...

I think they just weigh it and figure out the mass. I am excited.

Neato! I LOVE it. Actually Green Animals (the topiary garden) is in Rhode Island, near my friend's cottage. you think they will look good when you come and visit at the end of March??

- lkb

LKB said...

Jenn do you have a secret blog???

Jennifer said...

secret blog? strange question. but nope, I do not. did you find my doppelganger? is it because it says "jennifer"? I have no idea where that is coming from.

and it looks like brenden changed his mind (or I did) so hopefully we can visit for a weekend. if I can get cheap tickets it might be from friday night through sunday night. short but sweet. we are both running low on days off.

Jennifer said...

ps... fun trip! i liked your photos. I might try to get one of MM with crispin glover tomorrow but it is probably unlikely. then we can start a cowboys meet celebritys set.