Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Kodak Family

At one point, I asked my father to help me name how many people in our family worked at Kodak and tell me what they did. This is an incomplete list and does not include countless distant relatives -- or the families of pretty much my whole high school and many in college -- but I thought I'd share it at this point.

It's a window into a time when (for better and for worse) a town was an industry and an industry a town and folks worked 30+ years at and for only one company. The closest I've experience I have had to this is here in Boston meeting folks who worked at Polaroid. Consider this an open post to share any company, industry, or trade that has persisted in your family. I'd be curious to know!

Let's see.. Wow!!!!

Dad: all over (claim to fame: he named T-Max)
Mom: Secretary
Brother: Fork lift operator in high school
Uncle: Master mechanic
Uncle: 126 Film loader
Aunt: Secretary
Uncle: Plastic molding operator
Cousin: Personnel
Cousin: Emulsion making
Grandfather: Roll film paper coating
Great Grandfather: Tin smith
Great Uncle: Paper mill
Great Aunt: Secretary
Great Uncle: Art department
Great Uncle: Distribution
Great Uncle: ?
Great Uncle: ?
Great Aunt: ?
Great Uncle: ?