Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Random list post

So sorry for the long absence! We've been covered up at the PRC with the benefit auction and Bruce started school last week. I am exhausted, thus a random list post is in order.

- Over on the Soth blog, another discussion has ensued; this time it's about art and education. Helping Bruce research graduate schools, applying, and now his attending, especially as an older MFA student, keeps such ideas fresh on our minds. I am crafting my response as we speak.

- The new issue of PDN is refreshing and excellent. The fine art photo issue unpacks the gallery mystery (budget breakdowns are all!), profiles several curators and editors, and tackles digital versus traditional print collecting. It just hit the PRC library, thanks to our friends at PDN. It's so good, in fact, I plan on getting my own copy to use in my upcoming class talks/visits/lectures.

- At the following link you will see Bruce's new set of wheels and graduate school residence, a 1991 westfalia vanagon. Although some of his classmates and our friends think it's wacky, I am wholeheatedly behind the idea! Plus, it's a real 'bute.

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