Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hudson River...School

I share with you a few of my humble Picturesque pics from our last trip before Bruce goes to grad school at UConn for his MFA. Tomorrow, he gets oriented, picks his studio, and then classes start next week. Updates as needed. We're in for a big change!

Kaaterskill Falls
(this was a tough hike with ~20 lbs of Bruce's 8x10 film and lenses on my back! Boy do I understand large format work so much more.)

View from
Olana, Frederick Edwin Church's house


pitchertaker said...

Tell Bruce I wish him the best of luck on this phase of his life and career.


R.A. said...

good luck with all the upcoming changes. and be sure to stretch properly when lugging heavy large format equipment around. that's why ansel had a burro, you know...(and why he often shot pics from atop his car).

hehe. sometimes i miss my view camera days.

LKB said...

* Thanks pichertaker! will do.

* RA - actually, that's the plan - car/van not burro! Bruce is looking into such a thing for longer trips. Should have stretched, ouch! Compared to the 8x10, when he pulled out the 4x5, it was like 35mm and much lighter!