Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Things you don't know about people other than me

I have been tagged! The "Five Things Readers Don't Know about You" meme has been going around and it came to me, courtesy of Jeremias Paul. In case anyone was wondering, the word "meme" was coined by Richard Dawkins to explain a cultural entity or idea that travels from one person to another, similar to a gene. Later Daniel Dennett of our own fair Tufts picked it up and used it in his book on philosophy of mind.

I am still working on my post, it's a long one with pictures and such, but in the meantime, I present a list of other "5 things" you don't know about various people you don't know. Quite fun reading! (Jeremias also has a great list and attempts to trace the meme's history here.) I hope this act of voyeurism provides enough distraction for me to complete my assignment.

Jeremias Paul
Jay Gould
Todd Deutsch
Zoe Strauss

Art Fag City
jen bekman
Brian Ulrich
Paul Schmelzer


Anonymous said...

I love how you try to alleviate pressure by putting it on the integrity of my posts... looking forward to your actual post... the suspense is on!

LKB said...

Your posts are very good! It's a delay technique.

- lkb

Shane said...

Leslie, here's mine from a while back.

LKB said...

Thanks, Shane - a good idea to see how many we can find! Jeremias?

LKB said...

UPDATE - I haven't will be coming...