Saturday, June 11, 2011

This is your brain after finishing your PhD coursework

This is my brain. This is my brain after finishing my PhD coursework.

This is the third piece in my "brain on post-its" series. The other iterations are from the end of the last semester and the end of last year. The piles represent my stickies from circa 50+ books, countless articles, and grading (NB: this semester's is the largest). Post-coursework my graduate experience continues: I have to study for orals, write my prospectus, and then research and write my dissertation, but this is a momentous milestone indeed.

On tap this summer: prep for teaching photohistory in the second summer session at BU, work on a paper accepted to SECAC, and above all, reconnect with friends and family and take stock. It's been an instructive,
productive, and wild ride!

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Eartha Kitsch said...

Hey! I'd lost track of you and came to say hey and see what you're up to. Sounds like you're waaaaay busy as expected. Hugs from the Kitsch family. :)