Saturday, June 4, 2011

Flash Forward Festival Boston - Exposure Galore!

In the better late than never category, if you are in Boston, do get out to the fab (and free!) Flash Forward Festival. There are many exhibitions, educational lectures and panels, and events to enjoy. I'll be there again today!

I am delighted to see so many photographers that I worked with or curated into physical or online exhibitions at the PRC be recognized in this terrific international format. It's so great to see them rise and gain many deserved accolades! If there is one snippet of advice I can give to photographers of all stripes--which was reiterated by the first noted below as well as many of the other panelists--keep making the great work that you do and it will come back to you - be true to yourself,
be patient, and have faith!

Here is just a sampling...

On the Education side:

Chris Churchill was on a FFF panel and was featured in the group exhibition, DOCUMENT. So excited to see his great work in soon-to-be-published book by Nazraeli Press!

In the
FF 2010 Group Show:
Claire Beckett was also featured in DOCUMENT. Her work is up now at MassMoca in The Workers and is really taking off!
Kevin Van Aelst was the NEO featured artist in August 2008. Kevin's work was honored as a part of Critical Mass 2010 and always brings a smile to my face.

In the
FF Fresh Work Group Show:
Toni Pepe was the NEO featured artist in November 2008. She is currently organizing the Think Art: memory conference at BU.

CONGRATS to these folks as well as all of those participating!

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