Sunday, April 4, 2010

National Geographic's "Peeps in Places"

National Geographic put out a call for photographs of "Peeps in Places" (love the name) and the winners will be featured on their blog next week. In the meantime, check out some selections from this year so far here and last year's winners gallery here. (For some peep trivia, learn more about the making of peeps here and a peep research site here.)

I was especially charmed by their contest graphic featuring one of their finalists from last year -- a snapshot of two bunny peeps peeping through a Tower Optical coin-operated binocular viewer! The topic is near and dear as I just gave a paper on this very device.

I particularly enjoy that they call for a "sense of place":
"We want to know what it felt like to be there," says Dan Westergren, Senior Photo Editor at National Geographic Traveler. "And we want to be able to tell by looking at the photograph that the Peep had a good time."
Happy spring and trails everyone!

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