Friday, March 26, 2010

SPE Northeast region, news

At the national Society of Photographic Education (SPE) meeting in Philadelphia earlier this month, Bruce was elected chair of the Northeast Region! He is very excited and hopes to rally the troops!

SPE has made a tremendous difference in Bruce's life. It blows my mind to think that in 2005 he nervously came with me to Chicago. Reviews filled up, but he brought his portfolio anyways and ended up showing it to tons of people, making lots of connections, and meeting many new friends. Just 5 years later, he has his MFA and is an Assistant Professor at NEIA!

For those in the Northeast (CT, MA, ME, NH, NY, RI, VT), please join the facebook group here and watch for good things to come!

ABOVE: SPE pic of Bruce with his color checker t-shirt I bought him for his birthday along with RISD students and the amazing Henry Horenstein, all at the legendary dance party. Bruce will be teaching a section of large format/view camera at RISD again in the fall.

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Jeff said...

I was one of those guys who met Bruce (and you!) at the Chicago SPE. I think SPE has been instrumental in a lot of photographer's careers (including mine...) moving them forward, providing a forum and a peer group.

As SPE moves towards its 50th anniversary (2013) I think it's important for photographers young and old to think about how important the organization has been to them.

Just found your blog this morning via a nice little piece in the Woodstock Center for Photography's PQ magazine... glad to know that you're writing!


Jeff Curto