Friday, November 28, 2008

Keeping Time review in the Globe

The Keeping Time review ran today in the Boston Globe and it's a good one! Yippee! I am in Rochester now so have my backups picking up a copy in Boston. Click here to read it.

The perspicacious Mark Feeney has some incredible insights as always. We get two wonderful literary quotes too:

"In 'Four Quartets,' T.S. Eliot writes that 'to apprehend/ The point of intersection of the timeless/ With time, is an occupation for the saint.'"...(begins the review,
and later on)... "Their concern is with what Edward Abbey, in 'Desert Solitaire,' describes as 'that ultimate world of sun and stars whose bounds we cannot discover.'"

Here are some of my favorite Feeney phrases (the last Morris Louis one is truly super):
Among the virtues of "Keeping Time: Cycle and Duration in Contemporary Photography," which runs at the Photographic Resource Center at Boston University through Jan. 25, is the reminder it brings that time is not just the ocean photography splashes in but also the spray that it raises.

All photographs are, so to speak, sun-singed. ...Think of the process as a visual equivalent of distressing a surface. Where a photograph captures an instant in time, McCaw's techniques indicate time's ongoing effects on that instant.

As the sun casts shadows from wine bottles, drinking glasses, and the like, Cummins traces the outlines of those shadows in colored inks. Meal concluded, she photographs the chromatic accumulation. Visually, it's like having Morris Louis as your waiter.

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