Monday, September 1, 2008

Weather photography/ers

I sit here, safe, on my couch watching the Weather Channel track Hurricane Gustav. Several poor souls are reporting from the storm path and are being beaten down by rain and wind (one fellow just talked about being stung in the face by the rain).

There is nothing like weather to humble humankind. I too am fascinated by it. Weather was in fact the topic of my very first blog post.

I have often wondered, why do we crave such images? Besides the obvious ratings boost, is such weather watching a contemporary desire for the sublime?

I did a quick search and found a photographer "
The Weather Paparazzi" and a stock agency "Weather Pix" that specialize in weather photography (visit the former to see his tag line). I share these links only out of curiosity. I hope that all of those in Gustav's path fair the storm. Be safe.

IMAGE: Hurricane Isabel, from here


David said...

Congrats on your thematic blogiversary. People say you talk about the weather when there's nothing else to talk about but weather's far too important to be just filler. Here's a more serene cloud pic, my favorite by Kertesz:

LKB said...

Oh, poor lost cloud!

amc said...

oo leslie, have you see this blog:

they had some awesome pictures a while back of hurricanes:

also, it is just an awesome blog with HUGE pictures.