Thursday, September 4, 2008

Guess Who? Fun photos of famous photogs

I had such a good time composing this post over on the PRC's blog, I thought I'd cast it out into the world again here. Enjoy!

Photoshelter’s Shoot the Blog had another great recent post, pointing me to a treasure trove of wonderful portraits. Photographer Bill Jay has been photographing photographers for close to 40 years. Currently, he has over 1,000 portraits in his files, with more to be added.

Guess who that is above….? John Pfahl in 1980.

I just sent a good 30+ minutes cruising Jay’s amazing Web site and its curious organization, until I realized that I could look at the portraits alphabetically. Oh well, my bad is your gain. Below are some of my favorites from page 1 alone as well as some folks of local interest. Be sure to look up past PRC Lecturers as well! Good news for us, he’ll be releasing a book with Nazraeli Press soon.


Aaron Siskind
Frederick Sommers
A young Jerry Uelsmann
Lucien Clergue, who looks a lot like Dustin Hoffman
Manuel Alvarez Bravo
Martin Parr
Paul Caponigro
Robert Heinecken
Russell Lee

Of local interest:
PRC founder Chris Enos
Nick Nixon
Marie Cosindas and John Szarkowski
Joe Deal
Diana Gaston

ABOVE IMAGE: John Pfahl, copyright Bill Jay

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