Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Go west!

I am off on a whirlwind tour -- first stop Houston, Texas for Fotofest, then to Denver, Colorado for the Society of Photographic Education conference. Overall, I'll be gone half of March. So, posting and blog maintenance will be few and far between. I have never been to Fotofest, so I am hoping to pace myself for what will be around 50 reviews over 4 days. I'm in session 1 in good company and look forward to seeing many reviewer and reviewee friends and meeting new ones.

Bruce and I are arriving in Denver early to hit a few confluences on the 40th parallel. (Watch for a pic from the road.) It's always fun at SPE and gets better every year. Highlights of the schedule are sure to be Patrick Nagatani and Edward Burtynsky, as well as welcoming new board member Arno Minkkinen (who recently spoke at the PRC to a sold out crowd) and catching up with SPE friends. Yeehaw!

ABOVE IMAGE: Santa Fe Trail, from the library at my alma mater, University of Texas at Austin's PCL map collection. Hook 'em horns.


Liz said...

I really enjoy your blog. I have posted a link to it on mine...thought some friends might like it too.
thanks & keep up the good work!

LKB said...

Thanks Liz! So sweet! I see that you too work at a small non-profit, one of my favs! (I just sent Ariel an email, we all work late.) I said to myself last year: I will start a blog in the new year and a website. I am glad to hear folks read it.

I am very excited for the next show, the work and artists are beautiful.

I often swing through Woodstock and hope to say hi next time. I will add your blog as a link to mine. 'ppreciate it, Leslie

Liz said...

I starting working at CPW about 8 months ago. It is a great organization and I am happy to be there. Beofre that, I was in graduate school in MA so I always kept up to date with the PRC- you are doing great things there.
I will be at SPE National and will try to find you to introduce myself.
Have wonderful travels.

Colin Blakely said...

I sure wish I were going to both those events! I didn't make the lottery for Fotofest this year, and I just can't justify the expense for SPE since all funding for simply attending a conference has been cut by my university and I've never had much luck with my proposals to present.

I'm not sure whether those portfolio reviews are more exhausting for the reviewer, who goes straight from one meeting to the next all day lomg, or the artist, who is in a constant state of start/stop/wait with all the anticipation that goes along with it. Either way though, it's a great experience.

LKB said...

I'm actually footing both personally (well, fotofest puts us up and airfare, but dinner and other such is on me). It's tough, but worth it I hope. I've gotten more involved with SPE, and it gets better and better! So I hope you give it another try. It helps that Bruce can make art out there too.

Good thought, I might post on your point while away. It is pretty grueling, as I found out at photolucida. By the 2nd day I was rolling with the punches. Total people seen: pover 50 in 4 days. I expect fotofest to be similar. we have a contigent of friend reviewers and friend reviewees and I like to think I swing both ways! I'm rooting for all!

Jane Tam said...

Hi Leslie~
I briefly met you at SPE in Woodstock; which was my first SPE and so much fun! Hopefully I'll see you again in Denver.

Anonymous said...


I wanted to thank you for letting me sit with you for a grueling and entirely amazing 8 hours this past Saturday. I was Googling for an email address and came across your blog. I'm always excited to find fellow bloggers. I'll send you a more formal thanks in an email here soon, but just wanted to say thanks and let you know that you made my Fotofest experience something particularly special.

LKB said...

Hi Kacey! Thanks! Your visit/day was one of the highlights of the reviews for me. You were simply great and am glad you had a good time and learned a few things to do, and not to do (not that a nice person such as yourself would do the latter!). I thoroughly enjoyed your post and your summation of the day.

I look foward to reading your blog and keeping in touch via the blog-o-sphere! I will add yours as a link.

My best, Leslie

Anonymous said...
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Liz said...

I am so glad to be home! It was a lot of fun but it made me miss sleeping! It was so nice to meet you. You seem so great and I hope we can stay in touch.

will continue to keep up through your blog!