Tuesday, February 12, 2008

You have 3 days left to be exposed

Although in theory this is a personal blog, life and work merge together when one works at a small non-profit. I want to remind folks that you have until February 15th to get your submission in the mail for the 13th Annual PRC Juried Exhibition, EXPOSURE. Seriously photo folks, don't let this one pass you by! It takes but a second to burn 10 images to a cd and gather your materials! Run, don't walk to the post office. (Not that I am encouraging procrastination, but you can find the branch that is open til the wee hours online for that coveted postmark).

The juror this year is Lesley A. Martin of Aperture, who was recently named one of 2007's "Innovators of the Year." Aperture! This is a golden opportunity for an amazing publisher/book editor to see your work. Aperture has a venerated history and also a track record of discovering new talent (and did I mention, they also publish a magazine and have a gallery??). Not only that, but all of us jurors are a part of a secret society (just kidding), but understand that we do talk to each other and recommend artists to each other. Who knows what this might lead to? Not only that, but gathering up a handful of juried show wins at places like the PRC and its other kindred spirits speaks volumes on your resume. A good investment, to be sure.

Read about the submission details and get the required entry form as a PDF here. See pics of last year's show here. Now, git!

ABOVE: Our poster boy from last year, Jim Turbert. Did you notice how Jim exploded onto the scene after this? We're so excited for him. Visit his fan club and more of his work here.

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