Saturday, March 31, 2007

Emerge away...Northeast Exposure Online

I thought I'd do a little post on one of my favorite PRC programs, NEO. Northeast Exposure Online (NEO) is a web-based showcase of emerging photographic artists in New England (MA, RI, CT, ME, VT, NH) as selected by PRC (i.e., me). Featuring one new artist each month, the online gallery includes 6 to 12 images, a biography, artist and curator statements, artist resume, and a link to the photographer's website. Best of all, past presentations remain archived online. Many check them out online when we send out our monthly free email and even more reference the archive page.

Since we conceived of this program almost 4 years ago, we have showcased over 40 photographers on the PRC website (click on the little square icon on the lower left of the homepage to go to their page). These are some amazing people to watch and many great things have happened to them since showing (a couple have direct ties to NEO). I especially enjoy choosing shy artists or artists that need a deadline to complete a series or their website--basically those who need and deserve a little push into the spotlight. I can also act and show someone much quicker than in the physical gallery as well as display work that might not necessarily fit into something I am working on right now, but still deserves to be out there. It's very rewarding to work with and help these great people. I feel very close to and proud of this group and keep in touch with them. The best way to be considered? Join the PRC and sign up for one of my in-person monthly portfolio reviews for members.

It is my hope that gallerists or curators surf on in and are intrigued enough to contact them. I personally love such projects on other photo websites and frequently troll them. I've gone on to show several of the artists in themed, group exhibitions and others have been tapped for our juried exhibition by our outside guest jurors. The latter especially makes me happy, as it means other people like them too. Jen Bekman selected 3 past and 1 future NEOs for the soon-to-be announced upcoming PRC juried show (sign up today on the bottom of our homepage to get the April 1 email)! I hope you enjoy discovering their work. Catch them while you can!

A partial screenshot of the 2006/2007 NEO season to date. We're currently scheduled through August.

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