Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday Show and Tell

This first of two Monday "show and tells" comes courtesy of my brother. Although I have already sent both videos around, I thought I'd use it as an excuse to attempt to see if I could post a link to a youtube video. I rarely go to youtube or use it, but there have been a few good sociological videos circulating as of late.

The first video is
"The Machine is Us/ing Us" -- a very interesting philosophical look at the effect of the new "web" and its effect on form and content -- by the digital ethnography group at Kansas State University. Read more at their blog. Wow look at that, I think I just put the code in correctly.

Here is another great youtube contribution on Kodak called "Winds of Change." Supposedly, "This is a commercial that was produced for internal use. But it has become so popular, especially with employees, that Kodak has released it for external viewing. It demonstrates that Kodak not only understands it's changing business but also has a sense of humor." I hope that this is the case! This is hysterical. Long live schmaltz, long live Kodak.


R.A. said...

two great links there. the kodak one was pretty funny...glad to see that they are finally going to join the rest of the world. it'll be interesting to see what they end up creating...

the other link from KSU was especially interesting, being a dork/blogger/photographer who is also pursuing an MA in cultural anthropology. very cool ideas being thrown around by the folks at KSU; im gonna go check out their site. thanks for the link.

im gonna add you to my site as well, if thats ok...i found yours via brian ulrich.


LKB said...

Thanks RA! Cultural anthropology, fascinating! Where are you a student? I'll add a link too and pop in from time to time.

R.A. said...

Ya, cultural anthro is pretty fascinating...hard to get bored when talking about human behavior!

I'm at San Diego State. Not a bad place, especially today since it's about 68 degrees already. Nice.

Thanks for the link...see you around these digital parts.