Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cowboys gone wild....

I thought I'd give a little update on our friends at the Cowboy Collaborative. This endeavor has really taken off! Since launching less than 2 weeks ago, we already have over 100 photos on the CC flickr site, 6 posts on the CC blog, 13 active and accounted for cowboys, 1 assignment and 1 pending, and a brand/logo in the works. We have 3 orphans (I have one and Jenn two) ready to adopt and no duplicates yet! Below are some selections from the first assignment, "take your cowboy to work." It's great great to see more of what everyone does, that is, as seen through the eyes of Fisher Price "little people."

Pics from Assignment #1. On the left: Cowboy Steve had a busy week, installing a show and going to 2 openings in 2 days. Here he takes a break at the afterparty following Henry Horenstein's Close Relations opening to have a beer and enjoy the Boston skyline from a beautiful loft. On the right: Marlboro Man is on his way to work to assist Jenn as a projectionist at the local art house theatre in Rochester, NY. He also accompanied Jenn to her job at the George Eastman House

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