Sunday, February 21, 2010

Help needed: Photogs who document places that look like other places

I am writing as I would love to have help/input. This is hopefully what the blog-o-sphere and the internets are for, right? Right!

As many know, I am in my second semester as a full-time student. Currently, I am taking a seminar on Globalization and Contemporary Art (in addition to Institutional Architecture). I am hoping to write my seminar paper in part on photographers who document places that look like other places and all of the issues surrounding the locations and this practice. This includes of course Andrea Robbins and Max Becher's project on the "Transportation of Place"
and also series like Seung Woo Back's "Real World," a global place theme park in South Korea, and Reiner Riedler's "Fake Holidays." Many focus on sites of tourism in which a locale has either capitalized on a previous connection (either strong or tenuous) or created one out of the blue.

I know that that there have to be more people doing work on and about this, and perhaps it's just my tired graduate student memory that needs help jogging...can you help point me to more? I have included links above to spur your thinking and names that others have suggested so far below. If you also know of sites (such as Miniaturk in Turkey) that bring sites and monuments from disparate places together in one place, that would be welcome too.

Comment if you wish below. Many many thanks, and if used, there will be a grateful citation and endnote awarded in your honor!

Beth Dow, Thomas Demand, Christopher Sims, E. Robinson Brady,
An-My LĂȘ, and variations of "Never been to"...and more.

ABOVE: Reiner Riedler, from the series "Fake Holidays"

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