Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bruce's new website has been Wordle-ed

In next week's Art History discussion sections, we are going over a lot of terminology from sculpture and architecture (relief, pediment, peristyle, doric, ionic, triglyph, metope, etc.).

In a moment of true art history geekdom, I wanted to make the point that we are going to "vocabulary land" and thus searched out sites that created word clouds. I stumbled across and proceeded to input all of the classical architecture terms from wikipedia.

Excited, I then took all of the text from Bruce's new website under the news section (be sure to check it out) and inputted them into wordle. Above is what it came up with. Bruce astutely pointed out that it looks vaguely like a map of the US. This site is a blast! You can change the orientation, font, colors, etc. I encourage you to visit and create your own!

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