Sunday, May 17, 2009

Congrats...2 years + 1 vanagon + lots of hard work = MFA

Bruce graduated this past weekend from the University of Connecticut, Storrs. Exhibition and defense completed, he now just has to hand in the bound thesis.

Two years of being mostly apart is almost over. He worked very hard, produced a lot of great (and different) work and now has an MFA and a fulltime job to show for it. I am very proud of him for finding his calling and following his dream.

For those curious, you can read about Bruce's road to grad school here on Henry Horenstein's Teaching Photo. Henry wrote and featured several articles on the MFA graduate experience this past spring on - you can read ruminations here, grad school alternatives here, and another student's experience of a low-residency MFA program here.

To those who are not fresh out of undergrad and are considering going to grad school for an MFA, or to those newly-minted BFAs who are considering whether to wait or jump right in, let these stories inspire you and let you know you are not alone.

Next up for the Bruce?

Move part of his thesis show to NYC to Soho20 in Chelsea opening later this month,
send off work that was just selected for Houston Center of Photography's 27th annual juried exhibition by Katherine Ware and get ready for a show at NEIA. Oh, and teach four classes (theory among them) this summer. No rest for the weary!

ABOVE: After being hooded, Bruce gets ready to receive his degree! Photo by Gordon Brown.

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Brian said...

Many congrats to you both! So good to hear the Grad school experience paid off for Bruce.