Sunday, April 12, 2009

Off to repeat & return over the pond

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

I am honored to be giving a paper at the "Repeats and Returns in Photography" conference at the University of Plymouth. It is sponsored and organized by their amazing Land/Water & The Visual Arts department, where Liz Wells and Jem Southam teach. I will be speaking o
n two PRC exhibitions, New England Survey and Keeping Time.

See below or here for information. Wish me luck!

The Framing Time and Place conference will address a number of research issues relating to capacities of photography as systematically generating narratives of stasis and change in relation to land and environment.

Featured Speakers:

Mark Klett (Regents Professor of Photography and Director of the Third View project, Arizona State University. Publications include: Second View: the rephotographic survey project (with Ellen Manchester, 1984); Third Views, Second Sights (2004); Yosemite in Time (2005); After the Ruins, 1996 and 2006: rephotographing the San Francisco earthquake and fire (2006).

James Ryan (School of Geography, University of Exeter (Cornwall Campus), P
ublications include Picturing Empire: photography and the visualization of the British Empire (1997) and Picturing Place: photography and the geographical imagination (with Joan M. Schwartz, 2003).

Themes will include:

• Investigation of photographic methodologies central to re-photography
• Situation of re-photographic explorations within broader socio-historical, geographic, scientific and technological contexts
• Critical consideration of ‘space’ and ‘time’ as concepts informing photographic repeats and returns
• Analysis of the relation of photographic ways of seeing and processes to the construction of specificity and distinctiveness of place
• Interrogation of processes of interpretation, including address to histories implied, and to theories of the production of (photographic) meaning
• Critical appraisal of the limitations of photo-imagery in the construction of landscape fictions

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Anonymous said...

That sounds great Leslie! Congratulations! I wish I could go, it sounds fascinating...