Saturday, January 3, 2009

Nominate Nominate Nominate!

The gregarious Greg Cook of NEJAR (New England Journal of Aesthetic Research) has initiated the 2008 Boston Art Awards, in part to make up for the AICA awards not being held this year. Thanks Greg - Boston needs this and we appreciate all of your hard work.

Please help by nominating your favorite everything in the below categories. (Of course, if you particularly enjoyed an exhibition held at a venue using a three letter acronym that starts with a P and ends with a C, it would be much appreciated!) Either way, it's just good to get involved and support our local arts community. I just submitted mine and it was fun!

In order to jog your memory of Boston area exhibitions and events from the last year, browse the following Spring and Fall 2008 previews from the Phoenix as well as scroll through a whole year of Randi Hopkins's picks.

Nominations are accepted via posting in the comments or via email. Instructions are at this link as well as a partial list of those submitted so far.

Put your thinking cap on and ponder the below categories:
When making nominations, please list name of artist or curator and place and date of exhibit. Also, some broad categories to consider: favorite local artist, local curator, local show, new media, photography, conceptually-driven installation/performance (including video thereof), favorite gallery show, favorite school show, favorite museum show, favorite historical show, favorite contemporary show, best survey/retrospective, favorite solo show, favorite group show, favorite public art (or best non-exhibition space project), favorite on-line project, favorite outdoors project, favorite art book/publication.

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