Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday cookies gone bad

It's a crazy snowy, blustery weekend in New England. In honor of my previous post, Amy Elkins's fantastic last couple of holiday card posts (here and here), and the ever-fun blog Cake Wrecks, I did a a little flickr searching for "bad holiday cookies" or "ugly christmas cookies."

Below are the results of my search, with links to the original photos. I decided
to cull only ones that the authors admitted were bad or ugly themselves. I think some of these, preserved of course, could be contenders for the Museum of Bad Art, now with a second outpost in the basement of the Somerville Theatre.

Happy snow day!

Thanks to Merfam, Steveningen, and Tammi Marie


Anonymous said...

Ha! These look great... we just chucked an experimental batch of Lebkuchen (it's a German thing...) and ordered some from where else, but Wisconsin. We also just got some snow... about 14 inches and we're expecting more tomorrow night and monday. Merry Christmas you two and happy New Year! Hope all is well!

Liz said...

Happy Holidays from Woodstock!