Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Guess the image....

Guess the photo by placing your thoughts in the comments. I'll post the answer there in a day or so.

The above image is....

1.) An abstract photo featured on the excellent blog i heart photograph
2.) A newly-discovered strain of colorful sea anemones
3.) Brain cells of a lab mouse glowing with fluorescent proteins
4.) An image from David Maisel's newest series
5.) A behind-the-scenes look at the newest candy in development at Nestle's Willy Wonka Candy Company

(10/11): Look in the comments for the answer!!


Mel Trittin said...

I'm going to go with phosphorescent mouse brain.

David said...

I saw that in the fridge at work but I threw it out. Sorry.

NE LandscapePhotographer said...

A new carpet design from Ikea!!! Or maybe a mouse brain, I can't tell.

pitchertaker said...

Well obviously it's a fragment CU of what one of my students was knitting during critique yesterday morning, and you're just trying to throw us off with your mulitple choices.


LKB said...

Here's the answer folks!! Good job.

Brain cells of a laboratory mouse are shown glowing with multicolor fluorescent proteins at Harvard University in Cambridge. The Nobel prize in chemistry was awarded Wednesday to two Americans and a US-based Japanese scientist for research on a glowing jellyfish protein that revolutionized the ability to study disease and normal development in living organisms.

(AP Photo/Harvard University, Livett- Weissman-Sanes-Lichtman)