Sunday, August 24, 2008

Air Guitar meet Air Camera

Justin James Reed had an inspired moment. While ruminating on another's post on an air guitar contest in Germany on his most excellent blog, he noted the following:

Dagmar professed that, "(a)ir guitar looks much more spectacular than air camera."...I am here to differ, as I think that we can make "Air Camera" rock way harder than air guitar. So, in an effort (and on a whim) to get this going, I am sharing my first attempt at Air Camera here (see above)... Also on a whim, and as an encouragement for all of you out there to share your attempts at Air Camera, I have started a new blog named, what else, AIR CAMERA. I am looking for Air Camera of any format, be it Air 35mm, Air Medium Format, Air Large Format, etc., show me what you've got!

Two submissions are now up on the newly launched blog, three if you count his above. Surf on in and check out and submit one of your own!!

Below is the submission information. Now, go get your shoot on!

Submit all images to: Image Requirements: All images should be 72 dpi. Sized to 10 inches on the longest side. Saved as a .jpg file and labeled as your name with no spaces or punctuation: your_name_1.jpg. Please feel free to submit a link to your personal site which will be included with your best "Air Camera," along with a title (i.e. camera format), where your from, and any other relevant information.

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David said...

Hmm. Looks just a bit like the "I'm crushing your head" thing...