Thursday, June 19, 2008

"That guy" in your snapshots

Just came across this phenomenon...who knew? Now if this action was done in the name of art by the perpetrator, or photographed as staged recreated vernacular snapshots, now then we'd have some good po-mo action going on.
Photobombers, Ruining your Pictures One Click at a Time

You may have heard tale of the fabled subset of bonehead known as the photobomber. This (often intoxicated) dude works his way stealthily into your photographs, completely marring what would have been another awesome picture of you and your friends holding up your beers and smiling.

Although often photographed, his kind remains a mystery. Who is this random man? Where did he come from, and what are his motivations? One golden moment of genius and then, in a flash, he's gone.

Wonder at his antics in this gallery of great photobomber moments we gathered from around the web including College Humor and
ABOVE: From here

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