Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New England Survey in the Globe! (written by their Pulitzer Prize winning reviewer)

Tuesday was an important newspaper day in Boston. Gracing the front page of the Boston Globe was the Red Sox's opening day at Fenway and the announcement that their own Mark Feeney won the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for Criticism, as noted in the last post.

Humbly for us, Mark Feeney's review of the current PRC landscape exhibition,
New England Survey, also ran in the very same Globe. (And super luckily for us, he liked it!) I am thrilled at the confluence of events. I wrote to congratulate Mark, and he modestly replied that it's a win for the paper and different than organizing an exhibition. To his and their credit, we had several people visit today because of his review and lots of calls. Here's to the power of well-crafted words and the media!

You can read Mark Feeney's review of the PRC exhibition New England Survey here.

You can read the official Globe story on Mark Feeney's Pulitzer Prize in Criticism here.

You can read some of his nominated stories here.


Kacey3 said...

Congratulations! I wish I was closer to Boston so I could come and visit.

Erin said...

A great review for a great show!
My favorites of the article:
"There's an aesthetic tipping point where beauty starts to flirt with vacancy,where even the biggest photographs can begin - frame and all - to resemble picture postcards."
and then!
"If these are picture postcards, they're sent from places frequented by philosophers as well as tourists."
...I'm a new fan of his now.

LKB said...

Thanks Kacey3 and Erin! Mark does have a way with words.

I'll add your blog to my blogroll Erin. Glad it's up and running again!