Saturday, April 5, 2008

I'm going to New Jersey in my mind...

I won't be able to make it to NJ physically tomorrow, but will be there in spirit. Laurel Ptak (of my fav blog i heart photograph) will be opening her unique show "IS IT POSSIBLE TO MAKE A PHOTOGRAPH OF NEW JERSEY REGARDLESS OF WHERE YOU ARE IN THE WORLD?"

One of my fav artists Pelle Cass will be in the show with the below photograph (along with 189 artists and 1,000 photos). I showed Pelle's work at the PRC in 2003 and sent an email to Laurel on the suspicion that she'd like Pelle's work (she did and featued it online twice!). Pelle came to me in a portfolio review circa 2002, after he had just started working again after 10 years. He blew me away then and just keeps getting better and better. Pelle is one artist that keeps trying new things, something us art types love. His series are different, but related philosophically. We are hungry for new images and ideas and Pelle always delivers (another artist who comes to mind is Neeta Madahar who we've also shown and now is getting the international attention she deserves). You can explore Pelle's work at his web site and see his newest work here.

I love what Pelle said to me about the current PRC exhibition,
New England Survey, and my shows in general. He is a great artist and great person. I am a huge fan. To me, it's the best compliment I could ever receive as a curator: "I really like how you can span the poles of photography--wacky and far out to traditional." Yippee!

ABOVE IMAGE: Pelle Cass, DETAIL OF New Jersey Teams (in color order)
BELOW: The whole thing!

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