Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Powerpoint punniness

This post is in honor of Bruce, who was just on an ARTspace panel at the College Art Association conference with fellow UConners in Dallas, TX (and got even offered a job in the elevator even though he's not looking and went on to meet the renowned Annie Sprinkle).

It's also dedicated to all of those artists and art historians giving Powerpoint presentations this season at conferences (and my friend Kimberly who just gave a lecture in Europe this week). Without further ado, I share a very funny standup bit about Powerpoint presentations. That is what I said, Powerpoint. Yes folks, it's not only fodder for artwork, but also for comedy. Now watch!

Firefox seems to be having none of youtube and is going in fits and starts.
I recommend re-launching this post in explorer or safari to watch the video.

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