Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Midtown meets Polaroid

After a long blog absence and a much needed holiday break, I continue my musings on Midtown Plaza (see the last post for a little history of America's first indoor urban mall). We actually went to Midtown the first night I was back in Rochester for the holidays. Parking underground and then riding the escalators up into the mall brought back a flood of memories (including trips to the stationery store Scrantom's for art supplies). My father and I wandered around for a while taking oodles of photographs. There were actually a fair amount of people there, likely paying their last respects to a Christmas tradition. You can read several Rochestarians' memories as printed in the local newspaper on Christmas eve here.

More on my trip home later (and more and better posts in the New Year!), but in the meantime I present one of my fave Polaroids above. It shows a (barely) live tree oddly lit by crazy bright hanging pendant lights. You can actually see it in its glory days in the left of the below picture. (The overall lighting of the mall, however, was incredibly dim and orange, which made picture taking quite difficult.) If you'd like to see more digital snaps I took at the mall and running commentary, please visit my flickr page.

P.S. I realize that taking Polaroids diverges from my Kodak roots, but somehow the nostaglic feel and format of Polaroid seemed appropriate for Midtown. And it's nice to support them and film too!


tom sheepandgoats said...


Like you, I wrote a post on Midtown's demise. Then I went online to see who else had done the same. Yours, especially your prior post, is a labor of love, same as I wanted mine to be. I linked to it. Hope that's okay. You have so details well worth preserving.

LKB said...

Thank you! Of course it's ok.