Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Pow! Kablam! NYC watch out for Boston!

I just got this great email from one of my favorite artists, Jane Marsching, in which she describes how she is involved with an "absurd, crazy, ambitious, bold campaign to change how the world views the Boston art scene. Imagined and coordinated by the brilliant Brian Burkhardt, it features twenty Boston area artists dressed up as superheroes (I will be Rogue from X-Men)." This Saturday is the big shoot at EP Levine's with an afterparty to follow.

This is wicked cool. Sign me up! More info and image:

The project starts with a photograph: an iconic image of twenty Boston-based artists dressed as superheroes, posing against the Boston skyline. Through the production and distribution of this image, we intend to lay the groundwork for a local and national/international advertising campaign to raise awareness of the caliber and accomplishments of artists residing in Boston.

The photograph and the advertising campaign is a non-profit initiative that is by artists, for artists. The artists who are involved live in Boston, and have varying levels of career recognition. Some of the artists have gallery representation, while others are independent. Some have national and/or international exposure, while others are more local. The group of artists represents a variety of media and mediums, concepts, and interests.

We intend to spearhead the initial phases of this project. This includes the production of the photograph, hosting of a launch party, and development of a website. We also intend to leverage the photo shoot and launch party as an opportunity to get press exposure. Looking ahead, we feel that a strategic national/international advertising campaign featuring the Superheroes photograph and website link is critical to building significant awareness of Boston’s vibrant art scene. The photograph and related publicity has the potential to act as a blueprint for an on-going and evolving awareness campaign designed serve Boston, its artists and its public.


galleryrevisited said...

thanks for blogging about the project.
pixnit (bat girl) is the only bosotn artist i show here in los angeles.
we are really looking forward to her show here in october and the superhero project is great exposure for her and all of the artists.

thanks again,
gallery revisited.

LKB said...

You are welcome! It's gotten a spread in Boston Magazine here as well as a upcoming feature on WBUR (npr). A great group of folks, some of my fav people and artists. Boston has momentum...

Boston magazine spread:

Check out pics of the party (quite jealous! - pixnit is in the 3rd row):

and of the shoot: