Monday, July 16, 2007

Soft opening for my humble website

My new website was born this weekend out of procrastination. I had been meaning to do it, but finally the act of avoiding writing for work pushed me over the edge. So, I bought and downloaded a simple piece of visual software, Coffeecup, and went to bluehost for hosting. Even though I have a basic knowledge of these things (I taught myself some html way back in 1997 and can update things in Dreamweaver), WYSI (definitely not) WY (always) G. I've tried loading it on every kind of computer/browser I can find (they all look different) and the statcounter is still stuck at 1. Blogging is so much simpler! I am glad that the simple "retro" html look has seemingly come back, and thus I can get away with my attempt at graphic design and organization. Most all of the information is here, so I figure the bells and whistles are not really needed...that is, until it is reborn again.

So, I push the little guy out into the world while at the same time *promising* myself that I will stop tweaking it. So, without further ado, is now online.

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Anonymous said...

Looks very nice! I am , however going to need to see your references... just kidding, but I figured I'd ask since you offer on your CV!