Saturday, May 5, 2007

Off to NYC...

I wish NYC was closer to Boston. It is the closest I've ever lived, but makes for a long day if you go and come back in one day (about 3 1/2-4 hours each way). We're off to make a quick trip to see some art, namely Jeff Wall at MoMA and all of the goodies at the Whitney (Taryn Simon, Lorna Simpson, etc.). We'll have to go again soon and just do galleries!

I have to have a blog day, but it has just been so beautiful out (finally). Here are the posts I owe:

Jeff Wall, "A Sudden Gust of Wind (After Hokusai)" (1993), MoMA, From:


pitchertaker said...

Sorry....didn't mean to pressure you into a blog entry with my comment last evening at Karl Baden's opening at Yezerski. Hope you'll report on MOMA show.


LKB said...

No worries, I am behind!! best, LKB

Forman said...

not sure if it's proper to say bad things, but i wasn't too happy with the jeff wall exhibit, i happened to see it.

sometimes it takes 5-6 hours to get here or there. They should make teleporting devices already.