Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sick of being...

Apparently, this winter just wants to keep coming back. With each new temperature swing and snowfall, I get sick. Going to Miami, being on a plane, coming back to a big snowstorm, and burning the candle at both ends likely didn't help either. This couldn't come at a better time - not. Thus, announcing the results of the PRC's juried show has been delayed just a tad (sorry folks) and I go into installation of a pretty cool (but intense) show of interactive, kinetic cinematic work, Picture Show, with what appears to be a sinus infection. It's going to be fine, I keep telling myself, breath in, breath out. In the meantime, read this great preview of Picture Show--the PRC's Boston Cyberarts offering--by Randi Hopkins in the Boston Phoenix.
So, lying here on the couch, I decided to try on some new clothes aka a new blog template. I am getting spring fever and will likely be dabbling in a website and revamping the blog soon. Keep checking back, I might change my stripes. Forecast in Boston for tonight, snow...jeesh.

Erica von Schilgen's Mon Petit Espace, from Picture Show

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