Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday show and tell

I have been contemplating having a weekly blog feature, much like Alec Soth's "Friday Poem." Last week while sick, I posted a quote. Nothing was jumping out at me today, so I am broadening the offering to be a "show and tell." This might be a picture, a group of thoughts, a quote, etc. - some sage piece of advice, musing, or koan from someone else to kick off the week. Browsing the blogosphere I came across the below amusing and humbling list on Jon Gitelson's blog. Jon found this essay/poem/quotation by Paul Hester in SPOT, the publication from the Houston Center for Photography. This was likely produced on the occasion of HCP's 25th anniversary. I have been in a contemplative mood too as the PRC just turned 30 itself. As I am preparing to elucidate (hopefully) young minds in my impending class, I thought it apropos to meditate upon what we were thinking when just starting out. Since I am 33 years old myself, I wonder if I will look back in the same manner at my current state of being? It's mildy comforting to think so...

(Click on the image for a larger version if you have trouble reading it.)
Paul Hester, HCP SPOT

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