Sunday, January 28, 2007

Celebrity photographers, will it ever end?

While on assignment for a few weeks in Paris (!), Alec Soth left readers of his blog a "quiz" to name about 20 images by celebrity photographers (meaning celebrities who have taken photos). I have been obsessed! I know I am not alone.

I recently posted a couple of guesses and a comment online:

Who knew we’d be flexing our celebrity connoisseurship skills? Meaning, if I can’t find the exact image, but close, I think hmm, is that in the style of? Is that their typical compositional style? Is that how they use focus, color, photoshop? My poor work colleagues and students these past weeks….I’ve even learned about the work of Alyssa Milano, Rosie O’Donnell, celebrity work for Playboy, and more. One last go, as I’ve found others “in the style of” it for V (although her skills are usually be better that this example). Will it ever end?

Today, again, I spent way too much time looking at the work of Ringo Starr and finding out that Mikhail Baryshnikov also takes photos. Soth stated today that several people are very
close. Although I'd really love a signed print by him, I must reiterate: Please someone, stop the madness...soon!

Carmen Electra, From one of the sites from which I know he got a lot of images or inspiration!!

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