Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

I realize now that all my posts can't all be long! This will be a short one before we go off to a new year's party.

I share with you two new year's related photography projects. First, is Jill Waterman's New Year's Eve Project, found at Every year since 1984, Jill has photographed new year's celebrations in a different city. It's wonderful to see how celebrations across the globe are so very different, but so very much the same.

Also of note are Tim Garrett's fabulously funny new year's postcards. Every year for ten years, he has produced a postcard with a phrase that rhymes with "happy new year," an example of which is below. You can find out more info and purchase a sets of postcards here. (Tim is also the co-founder of and is currently showing in the PRC's 30th anniversary exhibition, which you can explore here: Jill and Tim are also super people to boot!

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